Code of Conduct


We at Rapid Rhythms take pride in providing safe, enjoyable, and high quality events that share dance, music, and their respective historical contexts with our community. In order for us to continue to do so, we ask that everyone attending our events follow our Code of Conduct, which is a set of guidelines created to help maximize everyone’s experience at Rapid Rhythms.

The Code of Conduct is as follows:

1. This environment is for everyone regardless of gender/gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religion, or whatever. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you harass someone you may be asked to leave for the night or you may be kicked out for life. It is at our discretion. So don’t do it.

2. In keeping with the above, don’t use racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist language, or make any unsolicited comments about another’s body. It’s not only wrong, it’s embarrassing and in bad taste. Anyone who uses language of this kind may be asked to leave, or banned.

3. Don’t treat our events like a pick-up joint. If you engage in this kind of behavior and make our patrons uncomfortable, we will take extreme pleasure in escorting you to the door.

4. While in class or on the social dance floor, do not offer unsolicited advice to your fellow dancers. Feedback should only be given if requested, or for your own safety if your partner is hurting you.

5. Anyone has the right to refuse a dance for any reason at any time. If you do not wish to dance with a person who asks you, then you should reject that dance, and no further explanation to them is necessary. (Unless you desire to elaborate, of course.) If you ask someone to dance and they tell you no, be respectful of their decision.

Regardless of the severity, please feel free to bring your harassment-related concerns to any member of the Rapid Rhythms staff. We will treat these issues with the strictest confidentiality. Your courage in coming forward can keep incidents from being repeated. If you are not sure whether an incident constitutes harassment, feel free to ask the staff’s opinion. If we don’t know, we will find out.

With that in mind, should someone raise an issue with your behavior, listen gracefully and be willing to learn, none of us are perfect. Hostility in response to criticism is generally a sign that the criticism itself was not misplaced. In addition, when making complaints, please be conscious that it is not our job to create an environment where no one will ever rub you the wrong way. Harassment is one thing; personal issues are another. Be an adult.

As business owners we can and will involve ourselves in all of the harassment/discrimination issues listed above, particularly if they occur on the premises. We cannot, however, get involved in interpersonal issues and feuds. Furthermore, it is important for complainants to understand that, while we act on issues of harassment, we cannot act as a personal support network, we are not trained therapists or social workers.

To summarize, just generally behave like an adult human being. We welcome every lifestyle and every flavor of person, but disrespecting someone else at our events is where we will take issue. We on staff also comply with the Code of Conduct as well, and in general believe that it is in everyone’s best interest for all of us to do so. Within the scope of these caveats listed above, do your thing.

If you have any questions on our Code of Conduct, please feel free to send us an email or ask us in person at one of our events! Also, if you’d like more information on general dancer etiquette, please check out this handy guide from Swungover:

The Mobtown Ballroom Code of Conduct was used as an inspiration for our own, and you can check that out here: