Professional Performances:

Our dancers can showcase partnered and solo choreographies that are great for some impressive evening entertainment! If you’d like a short, fifteen minute performance, people dancing for three hours straight, or anything in-between, send us an email at rapidrhythms@gmail.com and we’ll have dancers prepared for whatever you’re looking for. We can also supply our own music and/or sound system for the performance(s).


Event DJ & Emceeing:

If your event needs a DJ, emcee, or sound system, we offer all three! Our experienced DJs will work with you to create a playlist of music that will craft the evening’s atmosphere perfectly to fit your event, as well as emcee for it if needs that too. Our sound system is both powerful and easily portable making it great for weddings, corporate parties, and more! Contact us at rapidrhythms@gmail.com if you’d like to book a sound system rental, an event DJ, an emcee, or any combination of the three.  .


Private Dance Instruction:

All of our instructors offer private lessons in either half-hour or full-hour chunks; private lessons are a time where you can work one-on-one with an instructor and soak in some great personalized attention and instruction for your dancing. Private lessons are available with any Rapid Rhythms instructor and can happen at any time that both you and the instructor can agree on. Contact rapidrhythms@gmail.com to arrange one today!


Instructors for Hire:

Our experienced instructors teach a wide variety of lessons and will craft one specifically to suit your needs! Whether it’s a fifteen minute swing dance crash-course at a wedding or a three-hour, in-depth workshop for a college club, Rapid Rhythms brings high-quality instruction that will have everyone out on the floor and enjoying themselves.  If you’d like to hire us to teach swing dance for you, send us an email at rapidrhythms@gmail.com and we’ll help design the lesson that’s right for your event.