The focus of this event is great live jazz and social dancing, so if either or both of those things interest you then you’ll be in for a pretty good time. The event lasts the entire second weekend of August 2019, and here’s what’s happening: Friday night we’ll be at Moveir Dance Studio and before the dance starts there is a free half-hour crash course in swing dancing so don’t worry if you’re feeling a little rusty or completely new, we’ve got you covered. Captain Caravan is playing that night.

Early Saturday afternoon we’ll be visiting some of the local breweries downtown (we’ll post where we’re heading on our facebook page so that anyone who wants to join us may) and then going to the afternoon dance at The High Five GR. Parking downtown can be a hassle, so consider carpooling or trying to find free parking around the Fulton & Seward area which is about a ten-minute walk from the venue. Preliminaries for the competition will take place at 5pm, so make sure you don’t miss those if you’ve entered. There’s a dinner break and after the evening dance starts at 7:30 featuring live music with Combo Royale and then the competition finals will take place during one of the later band breaks.

The last piece of the event is the Sunday afternoon dance happening at The Reservoir Lounge over on Plainfield and features the John Shea Trio playing for it.

Jumpin’ at the Westside is a celebration of the music, dance, and community that so many of us love, and we’re extremely excited to be hosting it. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us at, and save us some dances!

— Rapid Rhythms